All the registrations including PhD students in qualification or thesis, are carried out through Registrar's Office Web System.

Please be sure that you read the relevant clauses in the Graduate Academic Regulations before you make your registration for the courses.

Newly enrolled students who do not have a supervisor yet complete their course registration with program coordinators and former students with their supervisors. 

According to the regulation, it is not possible for a student who is not have a supervisor to carry out the registration renewal process after the first semester.

Registration Renewal Process with Program Coordinator (only for 1st semester)

  1. The student enters the system with his / her ID and password.
  2. Enter the Record Menu / Add / Remove Courses menu.
  3. Select the term
  4. 'Alternate PIN' provided by Coordinator Automation is entered .
  5. CRNs to be registered are written.
  6. Submitted.

Registration Renewal Process with supervisor:

  1. The advisor enters the system with their ID and password.
  2. They enter the Teaching Member Service.
  3. Enters Add / Remove Courses menu.
  4. Selects the term.
  5. Enters the student ID.
  6. The student enters the PIN.
  7. CRNs to be registered are written.
  8. Submitted.