1) Special students who want to get credits have to bring Graduate School Administrative Board Decision from his/her University which allowing her/him to take courses from İTÜ and download and fill the necessary parts and signatures of  "Special Student Course Request Form"  in İTÜ Students Affairs and Registrar’s Office Web Site, and hand in this form to İTÜ Student Affairs with their Passports' copy.

2) If the courses are taught in English, they are approved by İTÜ Students Affair only when students prove their English proficiency in orginal forms (Please click for the English proficiency documents and minimum success criteria accepted by the University).

3) Students who have delivered their “Special Students Course Request Form” to the Students’ Affairs are registered and given a student number

4)If special students are already a student at another university, they are requested to deliver the approval by their current university to relevant institute in İTÜ.

5) After the registration, special students may take their transcripts via their student numbers.


*Courses chosen by special students shall not coincide with one another. These coinciding courses cannot be registered in the system.

*Students who wish to take several courses from different institutions need to prepare each and every documents separately for each institution and deliver them to İTÜ students affairs.

*Current İTÜ students cannot register as special students.