Dear Graduate School Students,

Submissions of Master of Science (M.Sc.) theses for the ongoing fall semester of the 2023–2024 academic year will be received through the website. Those who would like to submit their thesis should log in to the aforementioned website and fill out the thesis submission form, which is available under the M.Sc. processes headline.

Note 1: The username and password used in the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) portal cannot be used at the website. Thus, students who are going to log in to the system for the first time should renew their password by using their ITU email. You may obtain your password late because of the heavy workload on the system; therefore, we kindly urge you to be patient and not repeat the process. If you require any assistance, you can reach out to us easily by creating a help ticket. Help tickets should be directed to the ITU graduate school IT office. Please be aware that tickets directed to other departments may experience delays or may not receive a response.

Note 2: The deadline for 2023-2024 Fall semester thesis submission is January 5th, 2024.

ITU Graduate School